What role does ultrasound technology play in the kitchen of the future?


student project | future concept | prototype product & interface, teaser & product movie | 2017


The project framework was defined by the Siemens Home Appliances Design Award: "Design for a seamless life" in the household of the future. Ultrasonic technology has so far only been used in industry and premium dining and formed the basis for the defined starting point: What role does ultrasound technology play in the kitchen of the future?


The theoretical research was conducted at a manufacturer of industrial equipment. In a sprint week, first assumptions and rough concepts were tested for their acceptance of the new technology and it’s relevance in everyday life. The concept which consisted of the product language and interaction principles were further refined prior to preparing the various prototypes and testings. Another key factor was the strategic planning of the product as a fictional startup.

Sprint week: Testing first rough concepts.
Stretegic planning: Business Model Canvas, financing and roadmap.
Prototyping: Form models and system design in the application test, development of the functional model.


The fuse is a kitchen appliance for the efficient, healthy and gentle preparation of food and the production of intense taste sensations. A sensor inside analyzes the content and proposes suitable options for the user. The components and various attachments can be easily connected by a rotary motion. The fuse is implemented prototypically. The product video conveys its functionality and interaction with the device. In addition, a teaser video is used to communicate the product and its context.

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