How might we improve people's awareness of their health?


student project | future concept | prototype interface, product movie | 2015


Due to the lack of specialized doctors and nursing staff in rural areas, it is not possible to ensure equal health care nationwide. Consequently, one approach to relieving this issue in the health system is the early prevention of diseases. How might we improve people's awareness of their health?


In an analysis of one’s daily routine, going to the bathroom turned out to be a suitable environment for the integration of a health service. The focus of the project was on the interaction, the interface and the system environment. Various technologies were used to test the interactions the usability and interactions with a mirror. In the interface design, the focus was on the development of a rating system and its presentation.


Spheo is a concept designed to raise awareness of an individual’s health for the year 2020. The user receives detailed information on their health through an interactive mirror. Improvements and deteriorations are shown and the user receives tailored tips for long-term health improvement. It feeds the data from intelligent systems in the user's environment and integrates smoothly into their everyday life. The prototype can be controlled via Leap Motion and a soft-potentiometer activated by gesture and touch. Likewise, a voice control is being considered.

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